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08 Sep, 2016
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We have a dedicated and highly motivated team of teachers, who ensure a happy and relaxed atmosphere in which a child learns and develops in an enjoyable way. Our Headmistress and teachers regularly attend workshops and seminars. They have also been enhancing their skills through the British Council Reciprocal Visit Program (DFID).
Teacher's Pledge
As the parents are the first teachers of a child, teachers are second parents. We have therefore to accept the role of being models and educators.

We pledge that we will:
  • cater to the individual needs of the pupils;
  • come down to the level of the child;
  • ensure that the child is happy and safe in school;
  • inculcate a love of learning in the pupils;
  • keep in close contact with the parents through letters, circulars, notes and consultation;
  • know the child and have respect, love and sympathy for him/her;
  • know our subject and know how to deliver it to the child effectively;
  • learn continuously, to be up to date in the field of knowledge.
At The Junior Study we have high expectations of all staff, pupils and parents.

We ensure:
  • everyone is safe;
  • every child has the best possible education;
  • all staff consider the whole-child in the delivery of the curriculum;
  • each child will be taught skills to encourage independence, resilience, reflectiveness, collaboration and curiosity;
  • every child is valued;
  • each child's strengths and passions are encouraged and nurtured and any weaknesses addressed;
  • our children learn in a visually attractive and stimulating learning environment;
  • all staff are valued, listened to and supported and are offered opportunities for professional development;
  • parents are welcomed as partners with the school to ensure the best education for their children.
  • excellent communication between parents and school.
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